With a combined experience of 20 years, we've brought our yachting hospitality expertise to shore.

Thomas is a knifing ninja who has dedicated the last 14 years to producing fine food. After graduating from chef academy he quickly worked his way through the culinary ranks, ultimately becoming a head chef on super yachts, cooking for the rich and famous. Now he’ll be cooking for you.


Alice is the heart-warming hostess from Hampshire, UK who’s been in the hospitality game for quite a while; she’s worked as a stewardess aboard super yachts for the last 6 years. Her nautical career developed her passion for first-class service, and facilitated her knowledge and training in the art of service and management.


The yacht life may be where their relationship began, but since getting married in April 2019, they decided it was time to plant their feet firmly in the South African soil… and so Hout & About was started; their “land yacht”.

Alice Van Alphen


Thomas Van Alphen

Chef & Host

Dream Team

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